Newly recruited, Dr. Karen Northey will take over the practice of Dr. Steve Levinson.

WEST NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY, Monday January 2, 2017 – The members of the Community Physician Recruitment and Retention Committee (CPRRC) wish to announce that Dr. Karen Northey has been recruited to take over the family practice of Dr. Steve Levinson.

Dr. Levinson will be leaving his practice effective January 1, 2017 after eleven years of practicing Family Medicine and Psychotherapy in Port Hope. He cites a number of reasons for his decision. "I was a young graduate and finished medical school at 23" says Dr. Levinson, "and now, 46 years later, I would like to take some time to wind down a bit, travel, and concentrate on photography and writing. I am not fully retiring though, and will follow some new pursuits in both Toronto and Port Hope."

Dr Steve Levinson and Dr. Karen Northey

Dr. Levinson and his late wife, Dr. Jocelyn Pearce, fell in love with Port Hope in the early 90's after a taking a brief diversion off Highway 401 to go antiquing. They bought a house in Northumberland County in 2001 and later moved their professional practices from Toronto.

Dr. Levinson is grateful to his patients, colleagues and friends who have made living and working in Port Hope one of the "true highlights" of his career.

Dr. Levinson's colleagues stated, "Steve is a kind and generous physician who has always gone above and beyond for the care of his patients. He has so many skills and gifts that it is very exciting to see what his future will hold. His colleagues and staff know the office will never be the same without him. He deserves the best the world has to offer." "On behalf of his patients and the community of West Northumberland the CPRRC would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Levinson for his outstanding contribution to the health and well-being of his patients." stated Tracy West, CPRRC Project Manager.

The CPRRC is very pleased to announce that newly recruited Dr. Karen Northey will be taking over the practice of Dr. Levinson thereby ensuring continuity of care for all the patients.

Dr. Karen Northey, a native of Peterborough, has returned to the region after eight years of family medicine practice in Ottawa. Previous to that Dr. Northey graduated from the University of Toronto medical school, followed by family medicine residency at McMaster University. Dr. Northey will be joining the group of Port Hope physicians at the Port Hope Medical Centre on Ontario Street. She will also attend to her patients admitted to NHH.

Dr. Northey stated that, "I'm excited to join the exceptional health care team in Northumberland and look forward to many years of involvement in the community."

Dr. Levinson is sad about leaving his patients but excited that Dr. Karen Northey is assuming his practice. "I am so thrilled that Dr. Northey will be stepping in, and I do not think that I could imagine a better doctor to take over the practice. She is academically gifted, highly experienced, kind, empathetic and wonderfully down-to-earth. She also demonstrates great generosity and tolerance by occasionally laughing at my jokes!"

The CPRRC along with the West Northumberland physicians are very pleased to welcome Dr. Northey and her family to our community. "Her recruitment is another success for Northumberland and for the CPRRC. The Committee knows new family physicians are critical
for keeping pace with the future needs of our residents," said Gerald Blackstock, CPRRC Co- Chair.

Thanks to support from the community and the much needed financial support from west Northumberland municipalities, the CPRRC is positioned to maintain its recruitment initiatives and recruitment momentum in order to continue attracting family physicians to our area.

Dr. Northey will be taking over the entire patient roster of Dr. Levinson and will not be accepting any new patients at the present time. If you are seeking a family physician, please contact Health Care Connect at 1-800-445-1822 or go to for further information.

About the Community Physician Recruitment and Retention Committee

Formed in 2001, the Community Physician Recruitment and Retention Committee (CPRRC) is a volunteer group of citizens representing community agencies and businesses, municipalities, physicians and the Northumberland Hills Hospital. Co-Chaired by local residents Gerald Blackstock and Linda Nicol, the Committee's mandate is to attract new family physicians to the area and to lead efforts helpful in retaining the excellent family physicians working in our communities today. For more information about the CPRRC please visit

Contact: Tracy West, Project Manager, Physician Recruitment and Retention Committee, at or call 905-376-7411