Health Team announces Colborne site has recruited new physician

The Trent Hills Family Health Team (THFHT) is pleased to announce that Dr. Hugh Macneil has joined our Team and will be working out of our satellite site on King Street East in Colborne.

Dr. Macneil is assuming the full practice of Dr. Steven Waring, who announced in October that he would be leaving the area. Dr. Macneil was recruited to the THFHT with the assistance of the Trent Hills Physician Recruitment & Retention Committee and West Northumberland Physician Recruitment Committee.

Dr. Macneil completed a Bachelor of Science (Biology-Psychology) at the University of New Brunswick in 1994. He received his Doctor of Medicine degree from Dalhousie University in 1998, followed by completion of Family Medicine residency at the University of Toronto in 2000.

After practicing in the Ottawa area for over 10 years, providing primary care to a diverse population, Dr. Macneil has been a familiar face as a locum physician for the THFHT over the last year, having worked previously with the Team in 2002.

THFHT Executive Director, Delayne Donald adds: "We anticipate Dr. Macneil being a great addition to our team. He will begin seeing patients the week of January 22nd. The collaborative efforts, including those of the existing staff of the Colborne site, have succeeded with a very positive result for all involved."


Dr. Paul Williams, Medical Director, THFHT:

"The Trent Hills Family Healthy Team is very delighted to have found a replacement for our Colborne satellite clinic so that we may continue to provide health care to the residents in that area. Dr. Hugh Macneil is a very conscientious, compassionate and knowledgeable physician and will be a wonderful addition to our team."

Mayor Marc Coombs, Cramahe Township:

"Dr Macneil's recruitment to Colborne is exciting news for our community and especially for the patients that were affected. Having local doctors is critical to our long term success. I am very proud & thankful of all the hard work that the Physician Recruitment Committee did along with the Trent Hills Family Health Team and the others that were involved."

Laurie Smith, Physician Liaison, Campbellford Memorial Hospital/Trent Hills Physician Recruitment & Retention Committee:

"This recruitment effort was a tall order due to the timing. Working jointly with my colleague in West Northumberland, I cannot say enough about how hard everyone worked together for the benefit of the patients in this practice, and the community it serves."

Tracy West, Physician Recruitment Co-ordinator, West Northumberland Physician Recruitment Committee:

"The needs of the patients and the residents were always at the forefront of this recruitment drive and we are so happy that Dr. Macneil will be taking over the practice. This successful recruitment effort was the result of a dedicated, collaborative team effort lead by the members of the THFHT and Laurie Smith."